Anonymous: I couldn't help but notice that you and your Loki seem to be close outside of your story line. Do you ever find yourselves apologizing for the way your muse acts towards one another?


(( Most definitely, my dear Anon. How observant of you. With regards to your question, I would have to say yes. At least I do sometimes. My Loki has admitted his sorrow for treating Jane in such a way. OOC I am much more timid and forgiving, however, Jane in this particular case does regret the words she speaks to Loki because of what he did to New York and Erik. She is not going to let him off the hook so easily. And the fact that he lives with her makes it so much more personal because she never fails to admit her hatred for him. She hopes her words will strike in such a way that he will feel repentance thus allowing him to change into a worthy man/god in spite of what Jane believes him to be—a monster. ))

I apologize for the way Loki treats Jane…

And for the insults Sherlock might say. 



Nat + text posts

This scene… Why Fuuma? 

CLAMP in Wonderland 2- (X/1999)

I miss Kamui’s muse. 






I like this - a lot!

Angel!Tom needs to be a thing….

holy shit I just reminded myself of the book I’m writing….

hit me up with this!

Hehehe that is pretty awesome

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